How to Handle Your Case with Your Lawyer


 How to Handle Your Case with Your Lawyer


The relationship between attorney and client is one of the most protected and important relationships to feel comfortable with should you find yourself in need of a lawyer. While your attorney will be handling the majority of your case, you will still have some responsibility to help your lawyer get you the best possible outcome. The success of your case hinges on cooperation between you and your attorney, and your attorney may ask you to do some things from time to time to move your case forward toward a successful conclusion.

We’ve listed some important things to remember once you’ve hired a reputable attorney.

Be Honest

From the beginning, make sure to express to your lawyer everything you know about your legal matter, even if the details may not seem helpful. A common phrase we tell clients in every consult is “We can handle any truth, but we cannot handle a lie”. Your lawyer needs to know the whole picture, so they are able to fully address all relevant factors. If you leave out key details, this will hurt your case down the road. Remember, your lawyer is on your team, and they are obligated to keep everything you discuss confidential. Be open and honest; and above all, never give your lawyer false or misleading information.

Keep Your Attorney Informed

If you learn some new information while your case is progressing, tell your attorney as soon as possible. New facts or evidence can be crucial to your case, no matter if it's negative or positive. If it helps your case, they can make use of the information. If it could negatively affect your case, they can take steps to mitigate the damage. Put another way, never assume that your attorney will be okay with decisions that you make after your initial consultation. If something occurs that could in any way impact your case, always let your attorney know. 

Follow Instructions

Your attorney may ask you to perform various tasks, such as obtaining or verifying certain pieces of information, seeking information and evaluations from professionals, or other things that could be helpful to your case. Making it a priority to get these completed is crucial for your lawyer to be able to continue helping you. Always remember that your lawyer has a vested interest in the success of your case, so if your lawyer asks you to do something be sure to do it. Equally if not more importantly, if your lawyer tells you not to do something, follow their advice and don’t do that thing. 

Ask Questions

You shouldn't be afraid to ask your lawyer questions. One of the most important aspects of an attorney-client relationship is communication. Your lawyer will communicate with you regularly and provide frequent updates. If you are ever concerned or feel like you are misunderstanding certain information, ask your attorney. You’re hiring them to help you, and it's part of their job to make sure you are informed and understand your case.

Use Discretion During Your Case

Sometimes people like to share what is happening in their life on social media, like Facebook or other platforms. This is highly discouraged. Keep in mind that everything you post on the internet can be used against you if it’s related to your case. It's encouraged to stay off social media until your case is resolved. Make it a point to only discuss your case with your lawyer and people close with you that you can trust. 

The most important thing you can do to ensure an optimal outcome for your case is to hire an experienced, professional attorney. Over the years, the attorneys at the Wynn Law Firm in Panama City, Florida have represented clients both as defense and plaintiff’s counsel across countless areas of law. Our firm is client-focused. We treat our clients how we would want our own family to be treated, with kindness, respect, and full transparency through every case. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.


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