Criminal Defense

One of the hardest, most trying experiences a person can face is being caught in the criminal justice system. For many it is a time of great fear and uncertainty. If you or your loved one find yourself in this situation, you need a team of experienced Criminal Trial attorneys that can help you navigate these uncertain times and fight for the rights and freedom of the accused.

The attorneys at the Wynn Law Firm have been serving the citizens of the Florida Panhandle and beyond for over 40 years. It is our mission with every case to treat you and your loved ones like a member of our family. We believe that every person is innocent until proven and otherwise, and as such we make it our mission on a daily basis to fight for your rights.

Our attorneys have extensive experiences representing clients in the following areas:

 • Misdemeanors

 • DUI

 • Violation of Probation

 • Felonies

 • Drug Charges

 • Motion Hearings

 • Jury Trials

 • Baker Acts

 • March Man Acts

 • Mental Health Court

 • Drug Court

 • Veterans Court

 • And more


Do not settle for what the prosecution says you should do when your freedom and rights are in jeopardy. Consult with the Attorneys at the Wynn Law Firm and see the difference that passion and dedication can make for you or your loved when they’re charged with a crime.