Asset Protection

When people get into financial trouble, are facing lawsuits, or have thoughts of bankruptcy; the first inclination is to try to figure out how their assets can be protected. This is usually the greatest trap for individuals who do not seek competent professional advice. The attorneys at the Wynn Law firm have over 40 years of experience in representing debtors and creditors throughout Florida, which enables them to know both sides of the coin when advising clients regarding their assets.

One of the most sad moments in a client interview is to find out that the client followed the advice of someone who was not versed in the intricacies of legal asset protection, and as a result decisions were made regarding assets that actually hurt the client instead of helping them.

There are legal ways to protect assets and an individual must consult competent legal advice to avoid the above pitfalls. The attorneys at the Wynn Law Firm are licensed to practice before the Florida Supreme Court and all state courts within the state of Florida as well as the Federal District Court for the Northern and Middle District of Florida and the Fifth and Eleventh Circuit Courts of Appeal. If you find yourself exploring this area, you are strongly encouraged to make a confidential appointment with our attorneys to learn what you legally and safely can and cannot do.