Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy is a special interest area of bankruptcy that is reserved for family fishermen or family farmers with regular annual income. There are many similarities between Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Chapter 12 Bankruptcy, but Chapter 12 was developed to specifically allow family farmers or fishermen to continue to operate their business while carrying out a plan to repay creditors. If you feel that Chapter 12 Bankruptcy can help you, contact the experienced bankruptcy attorneys at the Wynn Law Firm today to schedule a confidential meeting regarding your options.


Advantages of Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

• Opportunity to keep the farm or fishing enterprise

 • Able to continue operating the business

 • Repayment schedule more conducive to cash flow cycle of a farm or the fishing industry

The Panhandle of the Florida is home to some of the finest family farmers and commercial fisherman in the Country. It has been the honor of the Wynn Law Firm for over forty years to represent these individuals in their hardest times in order to allow them to continue doing what they love and have done for generations. Many bankruptcy attorneys in Florida do not work with Chapter 12 filings, but the attorneys at the Wynn Law Firm have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of Bankruptcy. Deciding whether or not to file bankruptcy is something not to be taken lightly, and our team can help anyone in the Panhandle or anywhere else in Florida determine the best course of action for you and your family. Contact our office today for a confidential consultation regarding your personal situation.